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ECU Tuning for Vans

By having The Custom Remappers remap your Ford Transit or Ford Ranger you get a safe and reliable power increase without losing the great economy and reliability that comes with modern diesel engines.

Most turbo-diesel vans and pickups made after 2001 can be remapped.  The beauty of modern day ecu tuning / remapping is that it is essentially a software upgrade  & on many vehicles, no opening or removal of the vehicles ecu (electronic control unit)- the upgrade is carried out via a laptop computer connecting to the OBD diagnostic connector under the dash. After a  diagnostic check, the vehicles performance settings are read, modified and re-loaded..

How is it done?

Although manufacturers build in security measures to stop owners & amateur tinkerers changing the factory settings, the tuning industry has developed tools and methods to overcome this, so in a similar way a  main dealer’s update is applied.  The Custom Remappers can modify your engine’s ECU program to achieve better spread of power and usually maintain or improve the vehicle’s economy.

What will remapping achieve?

    • 20-35% Extra Horsepower & Torque
    • Better throttle response – Safer overtaking
    • Improved diesel economy – typically 10% or more
    • Enhanced Driveability

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The Custom Remappers - ECU remapping specialists for Cars, Vans & Motorbikes

The Custom Remappers


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Our Mission Statement...

RELIABILITY – We use state of the art bespoke equipment to eradicate the risk of failure.
HIGH QUALITY  – The equipment used is the most advanced of its kind within the industry.
EXCLUSIVITY –  We provide cutting edge technology that competitors cannot match.
RESULTS –  We give provable results and figures.
HONESTY –  If we can’t improve your vehicle we won’t agree to do the job.
ACCURACY –  Our re-maps are custom written by our own in house experts.
GUARANTEE –  We guarantee results with our 100% no quibble refund policy.

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The Custom Remappers - ECU remapping specialists for Cars, Vans & Motorbikes

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The Custom Remappers - ECU remapping specialists for Cars, Vans & Motorbikes

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