We mapped this lovely BMW Z4. Power from 192 Bhp up to 207 Bhp and the torque went from 181 lb/ft up to 196 lb/ft
We remapped this BMW X5 from 301 up to 361 bhp and the torque from 442 lb/ft  up to 508 lb/ft
We mapped this Range Rover Sport on a Performance map.  The gains were 188 Bhp upto 236 Bhp and the Torque 324 lb/ft up to 384 lb/ft
Customer wanted more better fuel consumption, so we remapped it from 152 up to 197 Bhp and the torque from 270 up to 325 lb/ft. Customer now has better performance and better MPG. Send us your reg and see what we can do for you.
We remapped this Stunning Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Performance stage 1 Power from 265 Bhp Upto 330 Bhp and the torque from 252 lb/ft upto 318 lb/ft. It not only looks and sounds good it goes very well. Send us you reg and see what we can do for you.
We remapped this BMW Z4 Msport from 188Bhp upto 257Bhp and the torque from 199lb/ft upto 258lb/ft making this even better than before
We remapped this Ford Ranger on a stage 1 performance. Power from 148Bhp upto 185Bhp and Torque from 277lb/ft upto 319lb/ft.
We remapped this up to a stage 1 giving it more power and torque. As a result the Power went from 98Bhp upto 135Bhp and the torque from 229lb/ft upto 273lb/ft. It is now much better on fuel and alot better to drive
We remapped this VW Golf on a stage 1. As a result from 108Bhp upto 138Bhp and torque from 184lb/ft upto 236lb/ft. It is now much smoother drive.
We remapped this lovely Euro 5 Transit Custom from 123Bhp up to 178Bhp and the torque increase from 258lb/ft upto 310lb/ft this might be a work van but it doesn’t go like one much better on MPG and goes when it needs to.