We remapped this Ford Ranger on a stage 1 performance. Power from 148Bhp upto 185Bhp and Torque from 277lb/ft upto 319lb/ft.
We remapped this up to a stage 1 giving it more power and torque. As a result the Power went from 98Bhp upto 135Bhp and the torque from 229lb/ft upto 273lb/ft. It is now much better on fuel and alot better to drive
We remapped this VW Golf on a stage 1. As a result from 108Bhp upto 138Bhp and torque from 184lb/ft upto 236lb/ft. It is now much smoother drive.
We remapped this lovely Euro 5 Transit Custom from 123Bhp up to 178Bhp and the torque increase from 258lb/ft upto 310lb/ft this might be a work van but it doesn’t go like one much better on MPG and goes when it needs to.
We remapped this stunning Mercedes S350 from 254bhp upto 296bhp an increase 42bhp also the torque from 457lb/ft up to 516lb/ft an increase of 59lb/ft. It not only looks mean but has the power to be as well
Customer does alot of miles with his bikes in the back and needed a little bit more out of it and better mpg. We mapped this from 168bhp upto 188bhp giving it an extra 20bhp. An increase in torque also from 299lb/ft upto 336lb/ft and extra 37lb/ft. lovely little cruiser
Client wanted a little more go in her smax. We remapped this from 160bhp upto 201bhp an increase of 41bhp, and the increase of 59lb/ft in torque from 251lb/ft upto 310lb/ft. The car drives much smoother and has that extra kick when needed.
We Remapped this from 268bhp upto 313bhp an extra +45bhp and also gave this an extra 71lb/ft in torque taking it from 472lb/ft upto 543lb/ft
Customer took up the Tint N Map deal we have going so we remapped it  from 197 bhp up to 233 bhp a gain of 36 bhp and an increase in torque form 347 lb/ft up to 410 lb/ft an increase of 63 lb/ft.  The rear windows were tinted in
We Remapped this Subaru Impreza WRX from 224bhp – upto 289bhp an increase of 65bhp and torque 221lb/ft upto 287lb/ft an increse of 66lb/ft also the customer wanted more pops, bangs and crackles which we were more than happy to help with